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About John Core

John has a genuine passion for teaching God’s word with an emphasis on the grace of God and the practical application of the Scriptures. He has been teaching and leading various ministries for over 14 years. John graduated with his Master of Divinity Degree in Biblical Communication from Phoenix Seminary. He is married to Sharon, and together they have two children: Alyssa and Joshua.  In addition to recording and producing the podcast, John is the Lead Pastor of Resurrection Church (www.ResChurchAZ.com) a new church plant in Phoenix, Arizona. John loves to read, spend time with his family and friends, and is an avid runner.


About Living Truth with John Core and Bishop C.L. Mitchell

Living Truth is an in-depth discussion through various books and themes of the Bible.  What started out as two friends interacting and discussing the scriptures and theology at a coffee shop soon developed into a radio show.  John and C.L., friends since seminary, both bring their unique insight into the discussion. C.L. Mitchell is the Pastor of Veritas Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ.

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